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How To Cope With Consumer Criticism: Helpful vs Hurtful

No matter how divine your business, branding or product is, there will always be that one naysayer. Someone who doesn’t want what you’re selling or understand what you stand for. What’s that old saying? You can’t have a picnic without attracting a few flies. At some stage, criticism will find its way…


Getting Started: Who Is Your Dream Customer And What Do They Do?

You can picture it now, your dream customer, buying your product and sharing their adoration with friends and the chain-reaction that follows. Before you can fathom the fandom, you’ve got orders pouring in from all over the place! The only problem is, as much as you can see this scenario in your mind, you can’t quite picture…


Selling Online: How To Create Super Awesome Content

You have something utterly brilliant that you want to sell online but are wondering how to broadcast your value in a way that allows you to truly thrive. You don’t want to waste energy being tacky, or pushy or appearing desperate just to hustle up a little cash. I hear…


The Beauty In Being A Badass Girl Boss (Part One)

For All The Girls Who Crave Independence… There just aren’t enough girl bosses in the world and it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. Women are magnificent, multi-dimensional goddesses who deserve to play by their own rules, live their passion and manage the business of their wildest dreams. I don’t…