Welcome To Beauty In Being Boss

BeautyInBeingBoss is a marketing, motivation and motherhood blog by Amy Elizabeth. Launched in 2017, the site began as a way for Amy to share her knowledge of business marketing and empower women to step up, embrace their inner badass and start the business of their wildest dreams.

After welcoming her first child in May of 2018, the blog started to evolve. Suddenly readers wanted to know about life as a new mother. Recently the blog has talked about self care, pregnancy, motherhood and what it means to not only be a boss in business but in everyday life, with family, as well.

Hello, I’m Amy

I believe that the future is female. That women are magnificent, multidimensional goddesses who deserve to play by their own rules, live beautifully and share their magic with the world.

When I’m not giving advice (on my blog or as a business coach) I’m a freelance photographer and proud mama to my baby boy, Henry Lazarus. I love him so bloody much!

And I also love to help ladies figure it all out; from pinpointing their passion, to making a living from their talents, to valuing themselves and each other.

To me, “being boss” isn’t about being in control of others, it’s about having the courage and freedom to be in total control of ourselves — our desires and ambitions. When we know exactly who we are, what we love and what we want, we become our truest self and it is this authenticity that speaks to and inspires others…

This site is where I’m free to be me — give advice on what I know, gush over what I love or am learning in this life — and hopefully it helps a few beautiful babes along the way.

xo AE


I adore collaboration & philanthropy.