Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mamas out there (of tiny humans and furbabies)!

This is my second Mother’s Day, “officially.” Although, last year I was recovering from a c-section and could barely stand, let alone celebrate. So this year is already much kinder… But also, I’ve been a mum long enough now to feel really proud of the role I play everyday in my son’s life.

Look, real talk: I’m kind of a badass at this whole motherhood thing— and it’s totally ok to be confident and know you’re killing it at whatever it is you love.

Love, love away.

It’s also ok to be a hotmess and know you need more help. Because not everyone adjusts to taking care of a “mini-me” effortlessly and it’s a very hard and often humbling role; but struggling isn’t the same as failing. (I’ll take this moment to remind you that, motherhood is a journey and not a destination…).

Don’t get me wrong, just because I feel like I’m an awesome mum doesn’t mean I don’t cry some days. I do. Ohhh baby, do I ever!

I’m human.

And, oh hey, you are too.

So, whatever type of parent you feel you are… young or old, new or experienced, tired or inspired, a badass or a hotmess… not only are you AMAZING, you’re also your baby’s whole world. Remember that!

No matter what you think of yourself, your child thinks you’re a QUEEN. I think they’re onto something 😉

Happy Mother’s Day!!!