Fuck yes, babe. You did it! You made it through 2018 and here we are buzzing with excitement for the year ahead (at least you should be, because this is your year!).

I cannot wait to taste the magic this year has in store for us, 2019 you beautiful adventure… bring it on.

This Year Will Change Your Life If You Let It

Don’t ever get stuck in the trap of believing shit can’t change — it can, in a blink! Three years ago, if you had’ve told me 2018 was the year I’d become a mother (that’s right, I birthed a tiny human… what the actual eff!), I would have laughed in your face until I turned blue. But hey, life is full of wonderfully unexpected surprises and that’s what makes it uhh-mazing.

So, just because you’re not starting the year off with a romantic partner, doesn’t mean you won’t have one a week, or even a day, from now. We meet some of the most important people in our lives, in the most random and unexpected ways.

Likewise, just because checking your bank balance doesn’t make you feel like you’re holding the world’s cutest puppy. That doesn’t mean it won’t be flashing voluptuous digits in a few months time.

Now is not then. And then is a whole year of endless possibility! A blank slate… a do-over or a do-even-more-shit-you-love.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but this year feels good. And if you aren’t quite there yet, sharing my overly optimistic feels, don’t worry… There is so much time to get in the zone and TURN IT AROUND.

How To Make The Year Ahead Feel Amazing

  • Make Space For What You Want- This past week I fell into the trap of watching Marie Kondo help strangers clean their chaotic homes on Netflix, and ever since I’ve been on the Tidy Train. This isn’t a bad thing though. It’s important to let go of anything not serving us (mentally and physically) to make space for all the good things to come. Also, the less dependent we are on material things to bring us happiness, the more confident we feel in ourselves. Fact. So, kick off this year by filling a few boxes with anything you no longer want and get. it. gone!
  • Stay Open To Adventure- Be open to the opportunities that will come calling. Don’t dismiss something just because it lands outside of your comfort zone (especially if it’s outside of your “comfort zone”). All of the best things in my life have happened when I’ve said yes to something a little bit wild or out there. Playing it safe is so boring! Calve a different path and shake up your routine this year, I promise it will bring you so many delicious experiences.
  • Set Your Goals Monthly, Not Yearly– Your future does not have to be set in stone; you will grow and evolve so much throughout the year. And you’ll probably find that half-way through the year, none of the goals you set in the beginning apply to or even interest you anymore. Goal-setting should light a fire within your soul, you should feel pumped to get started. Monthly goals are so much better because they allow your goals to move with you through 2019.
  • Take Yourself On Monthly Dates- You heard me, you sweet thing. It’s time for your relationship with you to get a glow up! Take yourself on dates and fall in love with your own company. Whether it’s walking to that new coffee house, going for an early morning hike or drinking a Bellini on your balcony. Do something with yourself FOR YOURSELF.
  • Count Your Blessings- Gratitude is a daily practise that aligns you with your abundance; all of the things in your life that bring you comfort and joy. Being grateful reminds you to appreciate what is there, instead of focusing on what isn’t. In today’s world, where everyone’s showing only the best, most polished side of themselves/their lives, it’s easy to feel like we don’t stack up. And that’s bullshit, babe. You do. I want you to realise how AMAZING your life is right in this moment. No matter what might be happening, there is always beauty to be found somewhere. Tap into the whimsy of always seeing the good; list 3 things you’re grateul for everyday— morning or night, paper or phone, it doesn’t matter.

There you have it, loves! Just keep going and believe in yourself and know that everything will be good for you. So, so good. Shine your light out and watch what magic comes back to you. 

All good things comes from within… 

As above, so below.

Here’s to a fucking LUMINOUS year xx