What is emotional finesse and why does it go hand-in-hand with being a kickass boss babe? In business you’re going to encounter millions of scenarios and while many of these will be mind-blowingly uh-mazing, others may be stressful.

Emotional finesse is the art of being able to take on challenges and handle them with patience and tact. It’s about celebrating every little win with humility and accepting any failures with grace. Nobody wants to deal with an adversarial or emotionally explosive girl boss – trust me!

It’s easy to get stuck in our emotions, but finesse asks that we take ego out of our daily business practises; that we observe the whole picture and remain prepared to tackle problem areas with an open mind. Becoming defensive is easy, but it takes a lot of strength to hear feedback and learn from a troubling scenario. In business, the aim is always to grow… growing your customer base, reputation, sales, product range and expertise.

Now if, like me, you consider yourself to be somewhat fierce and fiery (yasss, passionate honeys unite!) the good news is, finesse can be learned. In fact, it is often a quality acquired as you gain experience and feel more confident.

The next time you’re met with a problematic situation, press pause on your initial impulse reaction. Rather than letting emotional fireworks fly, be prepared to nip your feels in the bud.

Try the following instead…

How To Show Finesse In Business

  1. Stay composed and compassionate – While my advice for everyday life is, ‘It’s important to feel your feelings.’ My advice for business is the exact opposite. In fact, grab any feelings of overwhelming anger, frustration or defensiveness and stuff them way down. Instead, try mindfulness. Listen to what people are telling you and try not to get emotional. After all this is business, they don’t have a problem with you personally.
  2. Remember you are in control – An angry customer (or business partner, or rival, etc.) can be ruthless. Taking the blows can sometimes make you feel helpless, but remember you are capable of handling it. You can find a resolution that makes everyone happy. Believe in yourself!
  3. Take pleasure in becoming better – The most important part of effing it all up is the willingness to learn from your mistakes. It sounds clichéd, I know. But strive to be a girlboss who enjoys turning her mistakes into masterpieces.