marketing strategy

Unless you’re a cool and confident extrovert, attention can be a downright terrifying thing. Business might start to feel a little overwhelming when you pick up momentum and customers begin to reach out…

Famous femme, Bette Midler, is known for the saying “Find your light, because if they can’t see you, they can’t love you.” Which, for the purpose of this article we will change to: “If they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.”

It is vital to be getting in front of your audience. You must make it your priority to find out who your customers are, how they spend their time and where (in person and online) and most important of all… show up for them.

Be there…

And wave your magic in their face.

A lot of the time, new businesses make the mistake of being overly polite and waiting for customers to come to them. This method, sometimes called a “pull strategy”, takes a lot of patience, time and money. It only targets customers who already have an interest in what you’re selling and who want to know more – fans, social media followers, people searching for your product on Google, Etsy, etc.

For any business just starting out a bold approach is going to be a million times more beneficial.

Get in your audience’s face and show them what’s delighful about you, your product or business.

Honey, here I am and aren’t I spectacular?

I’m exactly what you’ve been waiting for and you never even knew it!

Let me tell you all the reasons why you’ll adore me…

This method is known as a “push strategy.” You’re putting yourself out there, getting known to people and showcasing your brilliance in a way that’s hard to ignore.

Pull Strategy vs. Push Strategy

Pull Strategy
  • Softer and more organic approach to gaining customers
  • Social media posts
  • Blog articles
  • Video discussions
  • Online courses, worksheets or fun freebies
  • General thought or knowledge sharing
  • Like talking with close friends
Push Strategy
  • Loud and fast approach to gaining customers
  • Promotional materials (advertisements, flyers, coupon codes)
  • Competitions
  • Sponsorships or endorsements
  • Email blasts and newsletter lists
  • Press releases
  • Public appearances (interviews, shows, expos, markets, etc)
  • Like introducing yourself to a new friend

Choose whatever strategy feels best for you and start creating content. If you aren’t getting the sales you’d been hoping for, chances are your marketing is too concentrated in the one place – branch out and be brave!

If ever you become nervous about trying something new, just remember: If they can’t find you, how can they buy from you?

Be findable.