You have something utterly brilliant that you want to sell online but are wondering how to broadcast your value in a way that allows you to truly thrive. You don’t want to waste energy being tacky, or pushy or appearing desperate just to hustle up a little cash. I hear you, integrity in business should always – and I mean always – come first.

The thing is, the moment you decide to sell your product online, your business world expands and all of the rules change. The internet is a magical place, a vast virtual world, an arena of lovers or haters who operate in the here and now. Real time, baby! They’re switched on and waiting to hear what you have to offer them…

So, how do you make the most of the platforms available to you?

Three words: super awesome content.

Good content informs your customers, it dares to inspire them, to change their perspective and offers them a unique experience to connect with your brand. You declare who you are through your content and for this reason, and this reason alone, your content needs to be FIERCE. Make it honest, meaningful and something they can’t possibly ignore.

My golden rules for optimising your content delivery online

Stop overthinking it – Do you know what happens when you stop judging your own thoughts? Creativity flows freely from you. Spend some time brainstorming and write down everything that you come up with. Let your genius bleed. Pour it all out. Put it away and come back later to reflect and refine. I guarantee there will be more than one good idea and you will know exactly how to put it to use.

Know what your customers love – Make it your top priority to understand what your customer’s expectations are in regards to you, your brand and your product (or service). If I was to ask you how your bestfriend takes their coffee, you would almost certainly know. Adopt this mindset with your customers too. Only in a collective sense. Find out exactly what your customers want to know and how your customers want to be communicated with and DO THAT. Don’t waste your time putting energy into places where your customers aren’t.

Build up buzz by being you – When you create content be on-brand but, more importantly, BE YOURSELF! Explore your personality, your authenticity, your quirks, your values and your wisdom and give it to the world in a way that offers something to others. You will be surprised to find how easily people begin to connect with your business and it builds credibility. 

Add value to your value! – Encourage connectivity, dialogue, collaboration. If people aren’t talking about you, people aren’t thinking about you. Make people feel special by adding even more value to your content: Photos, videos, guest posts, interviews, e-books, printables, podcasts, newsletters, customer reviews, fan art. The more content you are creating, the more accessible you become.

What can you start doing to make your content super awesome?