For All The Girls Who Crave Independence…

There just aren’t enough girl bosses in the world and it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. Women are magnificent, multi-dimensional goddesses who deserve to play by their own rules, live their passion and manage the business of their wildest dreams. I don’t know if it’s to do with the patriarchy (once at a job interview I was told point blank, “We won’t hire a female outside of the office because corporate clients don’t approve — exusez moi?), the fear of failure or the misconception that you have to be some sort of near-genius to achieve success in this crazy world.

Genius, that is, being gifted at something, comes in many different forms. Virginia Wolfe was a genius for her prolific writing, while some might argue that Lady Gaga is because of her eccentric music style. Einstein was also a genius but his genius donned a very different hat to that of Picasso’s. While one adored scientific discovery, the other yearned for the creative process. In fact, Picasso practised ritualistically until he built up his talents, “Each time I undertake to paint a picture I have a sensation of leaping into space. I never know whether I shall fall on my feet. It’s only later that I begin to see.”

For the most part business is a lot like this. You start with a product, service, talent or some kind of profound knowledge and you dream up a beautiful vision of how you’d like your business to look and feel and then you leap… you start doing. A little something everyday. If only for a few moments, to honour your calling.

I believe that being a boss is an art form. There is a great beauty in it. It isn’t about being in control of others but rather having the courage and freedom to be in control of your innermost desires and aspirations. When you know exactly who you are and what you want, you become your truest self and it’s this authenticity that connects with and inspires others.

That’s what Beauty In Being Boss is all about! It’s about aspiring for more, discovering your purpose and unleashing girl power. It’s for women – everywhere, all around the world – to step up, kick ass and break through the glass ceiling. I want you to live life on your own terms, overcome your anxieties and take action to grow into the super-gorgeous girl boss you know you were always meant to be.

Each week I will write and share some of what I know with you. I will break down the, at times, overly convoluted rules of business, branding, marketing and present them in a way that is easily understood, evocative and builds confidence…

I hope that you will allow the information on this blog to inspire you in the best possible way.


Peace and love,

AE xo


**an adapted excerpt from Beauty In Being Boss Workbook One (coming soon).